the writer entrepreneurWelcome to The Writer Entrepreneur. I’m Anna Fani (pen name). I’m a writer doing what I love by channeling my creativity and passion through my own business. I gave up my 9 – 5 for the second time in my life in September 2014 and I haven’t looked back since.

I paid off over $40, 000 in debt before I finally started on the path to what I wanted to do with my life. I launched this website soon after leaving my job and it’s now grown into a community for intending female solopreneurs, freelancers and dreamers with an action plan. 

I’ll be sharing how I was able to do this and showing you how you can empower yourself to walk away from your 9 – 5 and live the life you’ve always imagined too.

I began writing when I was 16 years old. My parents supported my dreams of being a writer but they also wanted the usual stuff for me – go to college, graduate, get a good job, marry, have kids and all that. So I went to college, graduated, went from job to job as I tried to find myself, went through a starving writer phase that fizzled out within a few months, went back to work again, got engaged (ended in a complete disaster that nearly cost me my life) then finally traveled.

I landed in Dubai and went back to the normal stuff. I was good at what I did professionally but something was missing. I didn’t feel complete. 

After a traumatising year at work in 2012/2013, I decided I’d had enough of living someone else’s dreams and agenda and it was high time I returned to my own dreams. Lofty noble desire but I was old enough to know the dreams had to also generate an income or I would be right back to live someone else’s dreams eventually.

I put together a plan and in 2014, I decided to take the leap and open my own consulting business where a lot of what I do is focused on writing and creativity. I also spend a good deal of time working on my fiction writing under a different pen name. You can check out my FAQs page to find out more about me. So what is the site’s mission and what’s in it for you?

The Writer Entrepreneur is about empowering you to walk away from a situation that isn’t working for you to something that speaks your truth, ignites your imagination and enables you to live your best life!

I will be sharing my experience, advice, and thoughts through my posts, interviews with amazing solopreneurs and offering useful resources. Start by enrolling for the free mini-course 12 Step Guide to Getting Started on Your Freedom Journey.

Quitting your job? Following your dreams? Making a plan? Staying the course? Finding your dream job? Whatever your dream and mission are, you’re in the right place and in the right company to share your thoughts, ask for advice and empower yourself with valuable tools and knowledge to move forward. Click on the image below to get started today! There’s no time like the present to get going with a plan!

12 steps guide to getting started on your freedom journey

Apart from writing, I also love reading, working out, travelling and eating an insane amount of chocolate while at it. Come interact with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Google+.