The Simple Road to Riches: How to Pay Off Debt & Make a Plan to Live Your Best Life

The Simple Road to Riches chronicles 25 techniques I used to generate additional income to help me pay off over $40,000 debt in less than 4 years! In addition, it outlines 5 pillars required before you can commence a debt free journey, which is more than just throwing money at it. Until you master these 5 things, it will be very hard to become debt free no matter how much money you make. Subscribers can download a free preview and an exclusive 20% discount. Available in print and electronic version. Click below to learn more. 

the panty defence a short story

The Panty Defence: A Short Story

Kiki’s determination to find out the source of a panty she stumbled across in her fiancé’s luggage leads to an ill advised expedition followed by a sinister discovery she was not prepared for. This short story is the first from the For Better, For Worse or Maybe Not collection, which will be released by end of 2017. However, you can enjoy this hilarious story on its own.

Available exclusively on Kindle. You don’t need a Kindle device to read a Kindle book so pre-order away.

for better, for worse or maybe not

For Better, For Worse or Maybe Not

For Better, For Worse or Maybe Not (Volume 1) is a collection of true stories about courtships, relationships and almost weddings. If laughing is high on your priority list, expect this collection to over-deliver. Some of the stories include The Panty Defence, The Quest for a Boy, Who Wants to Wed a Millionaire?, The Prophecy and loads more. Peep comments from some of the test readers – “This bloody well got me. Nice piece over and over,” and “Awesome piece. Loved it. Can you please make it longer.” The book will be available for your laughing pleasure shortly.

The emotional emancipation of nimi caxton

The Emotional Emancipation of Nimi Caxton

What would you do if you discover all you need in this life is within you? How far would you go? How many mountains would you conquer? How many bridges would you cross? How many dragons would you slay? Nimi Caxton answers these questions as she embarks on a journey to reconnecting with her soul and finding the one thing she never knew was missing in a year she began as a broken person. The book is scheduled for release in 2018 and will be available in electronic and print versions. Subscribers to the list will be notified once the book is released.