The Simple Road to Riches

how-to-pay-off-debtWhen I began my debt free journey in Feb 2010, I had exactly $900 in my savings account and was over $40,000 in debt. I remember wondering how exactly I managed to land myself in such a mess, and what I would do if a big emergency suddenly showed up. The thought was terrifying. There was no mystery or magic to it though. I landed in so much debt with my eyes open and without a proper sense of responsibility and money management. I owned all of it. 

Back then, it seemed impossible that I would ever come out ahead of the debt. It felt like an anchor tied to my leg, drowning me one dollar at a time until I discovered that all you need is a plan and some kick ass creative money saving techniques driven by a lot of focus and determination. Today, I’m debt free and own my own business.

I began collating everything I’d learned into a journal, which was a lot more than just paying off debt. Eventually, I converted the journal into this book. A lot of people are convinced it’s not possible to pay off debt because there are so many things that suck out money every month. This could be true but if you just master a few techniques outlined in the first section of this book, you can pretty much conquer any mental obstacles to paying off debt. 

The second and third section of the book outlines all the creative ways I was able to free up money in my income and techniques used to generate additional income as well as how I managed and invested the money to manifest my life plan. And I did it all in less than 5 years without needing to make 6 figures a year! A few of the things you’ll be able to do with this book include:

– Start working on your mindset and creating a dream plan to make things happen for you.
– What you need to get started on the journey.
– Over 15 extra income options, online and offline, with resources and how to get started with each one. You can do all of them or one at a time depending on your interests. Either way, there’s money to be made all round.
– Answers to the usual reasons people have for why they can’t seem to crawl out of debt or stop digging themselves into a bigger hole.
– Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to ignite your imagination and start living your best life.
– Overcome your fear of failure and give yourself a push start.

There are also 3 free bonuses worth over $50 included in the book:

How to Pay Off Debt & Make a Plan to Live Your Best Life
How to Pay Off Debt and Make a Plan to Live Your Best Life - Kindle
How to Pay Off Debt and Make a Plan to Live Your Best Life - PDF
How to Pay Off Debt and Make a Plan to Live Your Best Life - Paperback