The Ultimate Amazon Associates Success Framework

The Amazon Associates program is the affiliate program available through Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers in the world. I’ve written about monetization via the Amazon Associates program several times on the website but I’ve also received a lot of questions about succeeding as an Amazon Associate.    Based on these questions, I decided to create The Ultimate Amazon … Continue Reading

Earn Money Online – Mediavine Publisher Network

I’ve been a busy bee settling down in a new country plus a lot of other life stuff. Things are not quite back to normal yet. However, I’ve slowly been trying to get back into my blogging and writing grind the last few weeks across multiple projects.  I’m starting with the popular Make Money Online series and covering my experience … Continue Reading

Buying and Selling Websites for Profit

website flipping guide

This is the follow up to buying and selling domain names for a profit. Buying and selling domains and websites are similar to the art of buying and selling real estate. What is Website Flipping? Website flipping differs from domain flipping slightly. In the case of buying and selling websites, you purchase a premium domain name first. Afterward, instead of selling it, … Continue Reading

Best Ways to Make the Most of Working From Home

how to work effectively from home without wasting precious time

Setting up a home office can be a lot of fun and feel very empowering. However, working from your home office is an entirely different thing. You may soon discover there are 101 distractions waiting to hinder your productivity and prevent you from getting anything done. The point of working from home is so you can achieve more, focus better, … Continue Reading

The Complete Guide to Making Money with Sponsored Blog Posts

The Complete Guide to Making Money with Sponsored Blog Posts

When done right, sponsored blog posts can be a steady stream of income for your blog. I wasn’t comfortable with it initially because I thought my audience wouldn’t like it. However, once I learned the ropes and dos and don’ts of accepting sponsored posts on a blog, I developed a plan around it and made it work for my websites.  … Continue Reading