This book was first published in 2016 and was revised and updated significantly in September 2017!

When I began my debt free journey, I had exactly $900 in my savings account and was over $40,000 in debt. Today, I am debt free and self-employed. Back then, it seemed impossible that I would ever come out ahead of the debt. It felt like an anchor tied to my leg, drowning me one dollar at a time until I discovered that all you need is a plan and some kick ass creative money saving and revenue generating techniques.

There is a lot more to paying off debt than throwing money at it. I’ve named this process the 5 pillars you need to get started. Until you master these 5 things, it will be very hard to become debt free no matter how much money you make.

In addition to the 5 pillars, I also outline all the creative ways I was able to free up invisible money in my income and 25 techniques used to generate additional income. There’s also an in-depth breakdown of how I managed all the money effectively and invested it to manifest my life plan. And I did it all in less than 4 years! It’s a system that can be recreated and adapted for anywhere you live in the world.

The book is broken into three parts – what you need to get started – the 5 pillars, how to start generating extra income and stashing the moolah (25 online and offline methods), how I combined the extra income with my regular income to pay off my debt while simultaneously saving up to follow my dreams and the 1 tool that brought it all together for me! There are also worksheets, brainstorm sessions and several practical exercises included.

Get ready to empower yourself with the knowledge you need to overcome your fear of failure, give yourself a push start, ignite your imagination and start living your best life. In addition to the book, you also get 4 bonuses worth over $200!

Bonus 1 – Is Self-Employment Right for You Checklist

This e-book includes pertinent questions you should to look at, deliberate on and answer in order to determine if you are cut out for self-employment.

Bonus 2 – Successful Strategies for Negotiating the Pay Raise You Want

I was able to negotiate a constant 15 – 20% pay raise from my company annually, while I was saving and paying down my debt. I share the strategies I used and much more in this e-book. 

Bonus 3 – Private Facebook Group

Purchasing either the digital or print version of the book entitles you access to the private Facebook – The Simple Road to Riches – where you can you can ask questions, receive feedback and obtain one on one support on your debt free journey. You can also learn from others on the same journey as you are. I used to provide this as part of my mentoring service but decided to offer it as a bonus with this book.

Bonus 4 – 30% Discount on The Passive Income Method: Make Money While You Sleep Course

This is an upcoming course that focuses on what comes after paying off your debt. After I became self-employed, I upgraded from the methods in The Simple Road to Riches to start generating passive income in other creative ways online and offline. I was able to practice this when the debt load was lifted and my mind was free from thinking about owing banks money. My passive income is now roughly 55% of my monthly income.

The passive income method is a step by step easy to follow course for building multiple streams of income. The course shows you the opportunities available, how you can create and adapt these methods for yourself, get paid and start growing your money day by day. 

Ready to buy? The book is available on several channels outlined below. However, you can download a free preview HERE before purchase if you like. The free preview also includes an exclusive 20% discount!

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