This book was first published in 2016 and was revised and updated significantly in September 2017!

When I began my debt free journey, I had exactly $900 in my savings account and was over $40,000 in debt. Today, I am debt free and self-employed. Back then, it seemed impossible that I would ever come out ahead of the debt. It felt like an anchor tied to my leg, drowning me one dollar at a time until I discovered that all you need is a plan and some kick-ass creative money saving and revenue generating techniques.

There is a lot more to pay off debt than throwing money at it. I’ve named this process the 5 pillars you need to get started. Until you master these 5 things, it will be very hard to become debt free no matter how much money you make.

In addition to the 5 pillars, I also outline all the creative ways I was able to free up invisible money in my income and 25 techniques used to generate additional income. There’s also an in-depth breakdown of how I managed all the money effectively and invested it to manifest my life plan. And I did it all in less than 4 years! It’s a system that can be recreated and adapted for anywhere you live in the world.

The book is broken into three parts – what you need to get started – the 5 pillars, how to start generating extra income and stashing the moolah (25 online and offline methods), how I combined the extra income with my regular income to pay off my debt while simultaneously saving up to follow my dreams and the 1 tool that brought it all together for me! There are also worksheets, brainstorm sessions and several practical exercises included.

Get ready to empower yourself with the knowledge you need to overcome your fear of failure, give yourself a push start, ignite your imagination and start living your best life. In addition to the book, you also get 4 bonuses worth over $100!

Bonus 1 – Is Self-Employment Right for You Checklist

This e-book includes pertinent questions you should ask yourself, deliberate on, and answer in order to determine if you are cut out for self-employment.

Bonus 2 – Successful Strategies for Negotiating the Pay Raise You Want

I was able to negotiate a constant 15 – 20% pay raise from my company annually, while I was saving and paying down my debt. I share the strategies I used and much more in this e-book.

Bonus 3 – 100 Innovative Ways to Start Saving Money Now and Long Term

I was and still use the techniques in this e-book to save over $5,000 every year. When you’re in debt, every extra penny counts and this e-book will help you found a lot of extra pennies.

Bonus 4 – 30% Discount on The Passive Income Method: Make Money While You Sleep Course

This is an upcoming course that focuses on what comes after paying off your debt. After I became self-employed, I upgraded from the methods in The Simple Road to Riches to start generating passive income in other creative ways online and offline. I was able to practice this when the debt load was lifted and my mind was free from thinking about owing banks money. My passive income is now roughly 75% of my monthly income.

The passive income method is a step by step easy to follow resource for building multiple streams of income. The course shows you the opportunities available, how you can create and adapt these methods for yourself, get paid and start growing your money day by day. Check out some of the book reviews below:-

Reviews for The Simple Road to Riches: How to Pay Off Debt & Make a Plan to Live Your Best Life

“Great book, very informative and has us on our way to paying off our debt and saving money,” – Tanis, Goodreads.

* * *

“When Anna asked me to read her new book (The Simple Road to Riches: How to pay off Debt & Make a Plan to Live your best life) her timing could not have been better! In thousands of dollars of debt on the back of a divorce, job loss and student loans my chronic-anxiety inducing debt was slowly making me sink into depression. Overwhelmed and with no idea where to start, The Simple road to Riches was a god sent!

Small and easy to read I got through it one Saturday morning and instantly felt better. I now had a plan and more importantly the confidence to confront this monster. The first and probably most important point Anna made is, to paraphrase Suzy Orman – you cannot solve money problems with money. Anna used her own personal experience to show how important it is to understand why and how you got here in the first place in order to be able to ensure you do not repeat the same mistakes and also to ensure you do not inadvertently sabotage your own success while tackling your debt.

As a self-proclaimed queen of the self-help genre, I was knowledgeable enough to see that not only did Anna know what she was talking about, she kept it short, it never felt preachy and the book was chuck full of great tips, practical advice, and further reading. Anna’s story is also quite compelling because it happened to a very young and extremely vulnerable woman. Something about her personal story truly makes you feel if she could have done it so can I!

Once the all-important issue of how did you get here and how can you make sure you never visit again is out of the way she wastes no time getting to the meat and potatoes of the matter. Well researched and based on the latest financial rules, regulations and evidence-based outcomes The Simple road to Riches tells you everything you are going to need to know to attack all debt – from credit card to student loans, medical bills to owing the IRS. No matter how you got there the solution is the same – drastically reduce your spending while simultaneously increasing your earnings – and there is no shortage of ideas on how to get this done.

Possibly my favorite thing about this book is the share amount of examples, ideas, and references. This is a book that you will keep nearby for a long time. Aside from practical examples on how to decrease outgoings and increase incomings, there is a wealth of information on further reading, strategically placed by the relevant topics. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is in debt and has no idea where to start – this is definitely the book for you,” – Bunmi, Goodreads.

* * *

This is a brilliant how-to publication. There is a lifetime of experience and work crammed into a small book with an economy of words…I like that. What stands out for me is the conversational style of writing – the author is sharing her passage. Explanations of the whys and wherefores in years of research and its results flow well. This book is well thought out and held more than few surprises.

I always want to know the why, what, and how in the clearest of terms when reading books of this genre.

This is not a financial treatise on how to utilize investment strategies leading on paths to get rich quickly. Although there are a few aggressive trade ideas, I found genius. There’s nothing in this reading, nada, in which any seeker of a debt-free life cannot take full advantage. With well-allocated time and energy, every suggestion can reap rewards. The real gems hidden in this writing is how the author used creativity in finding financial solutions in the journey to solvency.

This is a telling of how even a small investment in time can reap monetary rewards. The only caveat to attaining success is in following the writer recipe of blending discipline, and focus. Dedication is the prime mover to achieving the purpose of becoming debt free. The author has made this path to success a possibility for anyone.

Even the most seasoned of online veterans will find more than a few surprising financial solutions. From arts and craft makings to the sophistication of flipping web domains this book will astonish and will be a keeper for future reference,” – Barbara, Amazon.

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