Welcome to The Writer Entrepreneur. I’m Anna. I’m an online solopreneur and writer doing what I love by channeling my creativity and passion into my businesses.

I gave up my 9 – 5 for the second time in my life in September 2014 and I haven’t looked back since.

I went down the rabbit hole of debt after my parents died less than 3 months apart and paid off over $40, 000 in debt before I finally started on the path to what I wanted for myself.

Even though I recovered and moved on with my life, I am still not the same to this day. Nothing in this life can ever prepare you for eternal separation from your parents. Nothing.

A little more about me. I began writing when I was 16 years old. My parents supported my dreams of being a writer but they also wanted the usual stuff for me – go to college, graduate, get a good job, marry, have kids, and all that.

So I went to college, graduated, went from job to job as I tried to find myself, went through a starving writer phase that fizzled out within a few months, went back to work again.

I found some time in there to get engaged, which ended in a complete disaster that nearly cost me my life.

I finally traveled and landed in Dubai then went right back to the normal stuff. I was good at what I did professionally (project operations) but something was missing. I didn’t feel complete. 

After a traumatizing year at work in 2012/2013, and a horrible and unexpected personal betrayal, I decided I’d had enough of living someone else’s dreams and agenda and it was high time I returned to my own dreams.

Lofty noble desire but I was old enough to know the dreams had to also generate an income or I would be right back to live someone else’s dreams eventually.

I put together a plan and in 2014, I decided to take the leap and start my own business – a consortium of websites that focus on different niches.

I also spend a good deal of time working on fiction writing under a different pen name. Currently, I reside in Toronto, Canada.

I am a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Professional Writers Association of Canada and She Writes. My writing has appeared on Huffington Post, YouQueen and Medium.

I launched this website soon after leaving my job. The Writer Entrepreneur is a self-empowerment knowledge base of tools and resources for solopreneurs, freelancers, and dreamers with an action plan.

Some great resources for you to get started include:-

There’s no time like the present to get going with a plan! 

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