My Philosophy

Life is short and you really never know when your time is up. I’ve learned over the years that it’s important to do things that make one happy in what little time one has. My philosophy is simple:-

Anna’s Philosophy

Do Work that Funnels my Passion

I love writing. There’s a crazy lady in my head feeding me ideas. I couldn’t stop writing even if I wanted to.

Bridging the gap between writing and make a living out of it took me a long time to figure out but I finally found that sweet spot.

I spend a lot of time working on stuff that, in one way or another, channels my passion for writing.

Give Back

This has always been a big deal for me. I grew up in a well to do home and watched my parents helping people their whole lives.

It feels natural to me to give what I can to those who don’t have enough. 

Discover the World

I always knew I was going to travel. When I was a kid, I would stare at a huge map and be so fascinated by places all over the world where other people live.

I used to tell my mum it would take me forever to meet the rest of the world. I haven’t met the rest of the world yet but I’m meeting some of them, one country at a time.

Make Every Moment Count

I try my best not to engage in situations that drain my energy in a negative way or hang out around negative people.

If something bugs me, I don’t sit around pondering the levels of, “Woe is me. What did I do to deserve this?” I do something about it right quick.

What’s your philosophy?