5 Easy Ways to Keep Track of Your Vision Board

As discussed in the earlier article, Using a Vision Board to Reach Your Short & Long Term Goals, the purpose of a vision board is to stay focused on your goals.

Creating the vision board is half of the battle. You also need to keep track of it and keep it going in your mind. I’ve highlighted the top 5 ways to keep track of your vision board below: –

Top 5 ways to keep track of your vision board and keep your eye on your goals

Top 5 Ways to Keep Track of Your Vision Board

1. Hang/Mount Vision Board in a Prime Location

Let it be the first thing you see every morning when you wake up and the last thing you see before going to bed. Meditate on it 5 – 10 mins a day or several times a week if you can.

Reaffirm your goals to yourself and resolve to follow through no matter what. If you’re worried about damaging your wall, you can use the removable mounting tape available in most stores.

2. Consequences of Failure

Think about the consequences of not going through with your plans. For instance, on my long-term vision board, I had a professional development goal to pass a specific exam.

Failing would have meant hundreds of study hours down the drain as well as the $3,000 the program cost. Enough motivation to keep me going right there.

Another example is your savings goal; not putting enough away means you’ll be less financially secure by the end of the year.

3. Be Disciplined With Your Vision Board

I know it’s easier said than done but it’s possible. It’s not some mythical state of mind that only spiritual gurus can attain. Remove the temptations out of your way.

Reward yourself when you achieve even a tiny milestone and forgive yourself for all the stupid things you’ve done in the past, which hindered you from achieving your goals.

Cultivate yourself and your mind to work towards those goals. Meditate and reaffirm it to yourself constantly.

4. Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t wait for just the right moment. There is no perfect moment. There is only now. You need to program your brain to do what you want instead of the (bad) habits you’ve formed over the years.

Identify an action, make a plan for it and START! Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher, said it best with “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

5. Believe in Yourself

Believe in the power and possibility of your dreams. Be your own cheerleader, if you don’t have someone close enough to cheer you along. You can do it. It’s that simple.

You’re awesome and you’re unique and you can do it if you want to. Have a dream, have a functional plan, remove the obstacles in your mind and watch the obstacles remove themselves from your path.

The above actions help to stream the goals into your subconscious.

Before long, you will discover a lot of the actions you take daily, sometimes little ones are a step towards manifesting the goals on your vision board.

Have you ever had difficulties staying focused on a goal? Were you able to overcome them? Let’s discuss this in the comments section.

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