How I Did With My Vision Board in 2016

Welcome to 2017! How was 2016 for you? It started with a big bang for me, slowed down towards the middle of the year when I had to go back to my vision board and change a few of my strategies.

It picked up again towards the end of the year and finished on a satisfactory note. Here’s an update on how I did with my vision board in 2016:

2016 vision board, follow your dreams

A Breakdown of My Results with My Vision Board in 2016

Energy, Balance & Love My Beautiful

I took active participation in the kind of energy I allowed into my life and the kind of things I focused on when I was alone with my mind.

In all things, I pursued good energy and light. I was a bit draconian with it at times and had to remind myself that not everyone is as strong as I am.

Sometimes, people want to lean on you so they can borrow and learn from your strength. Did I love my beautiful? I sure did.


I was all about my fitness last year and while a problem with my hip slowed me down a lot, I still kept on with it and finished the year in fantastic shape, which I aim to continue in 2017.


This was the part where I had to go back to the drawing board in the middle of the year. My strategy just wasn’t working like I hoped it would and it was affecting the flow of my finances.

I struggled a bit between May & August but got back to the target around September. I finished the year satisfied with the results.

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I had a great writing year. I became a contributor to several websites, grew my own websites, and published The Simple Road to Riches: Pay Off Debt & Make a Plan to Live Your Best Life.

The book is now part of the Take Control of Your Financial Independence Bundle, which is offered on the Ignite Your Imagination store

I finished 2 of the books in my pipeline and received positive responses from a few test readers. I am now in the editing stage.

I’m also trying to decide if I should self-publish, run a Publishizer campaign to fund publication or go through the traditional route with publication.


For legal reasons, based on my location, I cannot comment much on this publicly unfortunately but I did what I could when I could.

Health & Wellness

Really sat down to make a proper diet plan to suit my lifestyle, which I followed mostly. I meditated a lot and went through a few cleansing sessions.


Self-love was all the rage for me in 2016. No pun intended :).

live your best life


I discovered something regarding my retirement planning in the middle of the year, which left me depressed for days.

As a result, I had to liquidate and get out what I could. The funds are in limbo right now while I research other options.

Dream Car

Unfortunately, I was unable to purchase my dream car not because I couldn’t afford it but because I simply didn’t hit my financial target for the year so it was me and old faithful all of last year. It’s still going for now after a major service last year.

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I was able to make it down to only Jordan. There were various plans for Seychelles, Mauritius, France & Italy throughout the year but my finances and/or schedule didn’t allow for it.

All in all, I had a great year business-wise, dream-wise and personal life-wise. I went to bed every night happy and woke up every morning ready to live my best life for the day.

How did 2016 go for you? Did you achieve everything you set out to do? I’ve been using vision boards to live my best life since 2011.

They have helped immensely to help me keep track of where I came from, where I’m going and what I need to do better.

If you want to get started with vision boards, check out my vision board series.

Below is a screenshot from my Twitter update earlier. That’s what my theme for 2017 will be. Stay tuned. Wish you an awesome 2017!

2017 resolutions dream board

[Tweet “”The best vision is insight,” – Malcolm Forbes”]

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