Entrepreneurs Talk Interview with Adebisi Adeusi, CEO, Luxury shopper NG

Today’s Entrepreneurs Talk interviewee is Adebisi Adeusi, a stay-at-home mom to 4 kids. She runs her own personal shopping business, Luxury Shopper NG.

The Entrepreneurs Talk series features women from all walks of life; at different stages in their lives, doing various things to ignite their imagination and follow their dreams.

Entrepreneurs Talk - Luxury Shopper Mompreneur shares how she runs her online businesses from home

Mompreneur Shares How She Runs Her Online Luxury Shopping Business, Luxury Shopper

When & why did you decide to start Luxury Shopper?

I started my business in March 2015. Up until then, I was a stay-at-home mom for 6 years though I dabbled in teaching and hair product marketing at some point.

After my last baby, I realized I was always on Facebook whenever the older kids were in school and spent a lot of time in a group where people advertise their products so I thought, “Why not start something on Facebook?”.

Additionally, people from my home country (Nigeria) are fans of American products.

Can you tell us a bit more about Luxury Shopper?

The name of my business is Luxury Shopper NG. I help people source for business and personal goods such as kiddies apparel, ladies and men’s wear, accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, and general merchandise from abroad.

I buy at store rates and charge a percentage based on the good’s worth as my fee.

What has the journey being like so far?

The journey so far has been an interesting one.

Meeting new people, building my customer base, discovering new sites, and just having fun with shopping, which is what I love doing and getting paid while at it. I also have clients who have become like sisters.

How challenging is it to combine motherhood with your business?

My job gives me so much flexibility in that I plan myself, and I’m great at multitasking.

I can be on the phone chatting or looking through sites, placing adverts on Facebook while still attending to the needs of my kids.

I do things at my own convenience though sometimes there is the pressure of so many people demanding my attention at the same time. However, I have been able to tend to my clients’ needs in record time so far.

Did Luxury Shopper require substantial revenue to launch? If so, how did you raise the funds required?

My business didn’t require a substantial amount of money to start or run. I collect funds upfront from clients before any transactions take place.

What mistakes have you made along the way? What have you learned from them?

The mistake I made while starting my business was buying items before looking for sellers, which was quite tasking and tied funds down but now, I only purchase what people request.

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What’s your long-term vision for Luxury Shopper?

My long-term vision for Luxury shopper NG is to be able to partner with major brands by being a distributor and getting the best deals for my clients.

What sort of advice do you have for other SAHMs who are considering starting their own business?

They should look inward and discover their passion and make it into something that will bring fulfillment, and also generate income for themselves.

There is something liberating about having your own source of income no matter how little.

What are your favorite business books?

Zero to One by Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal. It is a book about being an entrepreneur and inventing your own brand. I never knew there was anything called personal shopping when I started my business.

I just figured since I’m not physically present in Nigeria where I have the majority of my clients, why not render a service by buying what people want and request.

This book motivated me in a lot of ways and I recommend it to anyone looking to start a business or who is already in business. 

Are you living your imagination? Or do you feel you’re still working your way towards them?

I never stop dreaming or having the imagination of where I want to be. As each dream becomes a reality, another one takes its place. I have not even scratched the surface. I’m a work in progress.

Adebisi also runs Shop Less for kids and Adebisi Textiles, which are online stores. She currently resides in Georgia, USA. She can be found on Facebook HERE.

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