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The Amazon Influencer Program is a great way to earn a side hustle or full-time income, and now Amazon Live has been added to the program.

I covered the Amazon Influencer Program in great detail in How to Make Money with Amazon Influencer Program.

I shared the differences between the Amazon influencer program and the Amazon affiliate program in that article.

I also share how to maximize your earnings with the influencer program in that article.

Amazon continues to evolve to provide additional ways to earn money through their platform.

Recently, they added Amazon Live to the earning options available with Amazon.

New ways to earn money as an Amazon influencer

What is Amazon Live Influencer Program?

Amazon Live is a new way for influencers to earn by bringing reviews of their product picks to life and engaging with potential shoppers.

When influencers make a video reviewing products, the video will appear on their Amazon storefront as well as the Amazon Live home page

Amazon influencer app

How Do You Make Money Through Amazon Live?

When shoppers watch your videos, they have the option to click and make purchases within the video.

You will earn commissions for all qualifying purchases of products featured on your live stream.

You can also earn money through the Onsite Associates Program via commissions from shoppers who discover other live streams through you.

There are different levels on the Amazon Live program – Rising Star, Insider, and A-List

The higher your level is, the more visible your live streams will be, which means more commissions.

Since we’re all basically sitting at home nowadays, why not try your hand at live streaming?

How to Become an Amazon Live Member?

To live stream via the Amazon Live program and earn commissions, you must already be a part of the Amazon Influencer Program.

You can find out more about the best way to get into the Amazon Influencer program at How to Make Money with Amazon Influencer Program.

If you’re already an Amazon influencer, go ahead and download the Amazon Live Creator app from your iPhone.

For more information on the Amazon Live program and to decide if it’s a viable way to earn extra money for you, check out the Amazon Live page

Get started livestreaming with the Amazon Live Creator app


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