8 Best Tips for Successful Email Marketing Management

5 Top Tools for Small Business Email Marketing Management examined the best budget-friendly email marketing services for bloggers, small business owners and creators.

This article will cover the best tips for successful email marketing management.

These tips will keep your unsubscribe rate at a minimal level while optimizing your conversion rates.

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to find new customers, sell your products and services and create a loyal following for your brand.

8 Best Tips for Successful Email Marketing Management for Solpreneurs and Freelancers

While social media marketing is also very effective, it works best in combination with email marketing. Why?

You don’t own social media but you own your email marketing list. Your sign up process should be in place on your website from the day you launch.

8 Best Tips for Successful Email Marketing Management

1. Don’t Create Hoops to Jump Through

Make it easy to join your mailing list. A simple sign up form a few seconds after arriving on your website, at the bottom of blog posts and in the sidebar should suffice.

Don’t ask for too much information either. You’re not a government department. Most people ask for the first name and email only.

Some people are okay with just an email but I like to address my subscribers by name in my emails.

2. Activate Double Opt-in

Ask your subscribers to confirm their email address. That way, it’s the people that want to hear from you that get on your list.

If a potential subscriber doesn’t confirm their email address, that’s a good thing for your list.

Additionally, always ask subscribers to add you to their contact list to prevent the chance of your emails going to the spam folder.

3. Never Ever Buy Lists

No matter what you read. Don’t do it. It’s impersonal and a violation of privacy. It’s also very annoying to hear from someone you never gave your email address to.

Build your lists organically through your website and social media channels because these are the people that want to hear from you.

This takes time but it’s more effective than having your email marketing service ban your account.

4. Follow the Rules

Follow the rules of your email marketing service and don’t try to game the system.

Adhere to dictates of the CAN-SPAM Act and/or whatever laws are applicable in your location when it comes to email marketing. 

5. Respect Your Mailing List

Just because someone has provided their email address doesn’t mean they would like you to send 3,567 emails every week.

That’s borderline abusive. Space your communication to your mailing list. Once a week is more than enough.

6. Provide Value and Quality

Provide value and quality to your mailing list. Don’t use all the space in every email trying to sell something. Build a relationship with your audience.

Let them get to know the person behind the site. Offer them something to join your list. For instance, I offer free mini-courses and discounts on my resources for joining my mailing list.

7. Think Mobile

Your registration form and your emails should be mobile friendly. Test your email before you send it out and make sure it displays correctly across multiple mobile devices.

You should be able to do this with whichever email marketing service you’re signed up with.

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8. Monitor Performance

Monitor the performance of the emails you send out. Are they resonating with your audience or not?

Are your subscribers engaged? Based on the results, you may need to tweak several times until you find the sweet spot for your subscribers. This is an ongoing process.

A mailing list is one of the most effective ways for small business owners to stay in touch with and sell directly to their audience.

Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool?

There are a wide variety of email marketing services on the company and I use different ones depending on the size of the website.

If you’re wondering which email service provider to choose, I’ve outlined the top 5 in this article about small business email marketing management tools.

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