Best Standing Desk for Your Home Office

In Best Ways to Make the Most of Working From Home, one of the tips I shared was investing in a good desk chair because your back will thank you for it in the long run.

In addition to a good chair, you may also want to invest in a convertible standing desk. Though it looks like an annoying contraption, there are many benefits to using a standing desk.

I will share those benefits in this article in addition to the best budget-friendly standing desks for your home office as well as alternatives to a standing desk.

How to Choose the Best Standing Desk. You Definitely Need This if You Work from Home

What is a Standing Desk?

As the name suggests, a standing desk aka a stand-up desk is a desk designed for working while standing up or sitting on a high stool. Standing desks come in different styles and variations for different tasks.

There are also designs that can be adjusted for use while sitting and while standing so you can adjust based on your preferences.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

1. Your Back Will Thank You

This is the best benefit of a standing desk. Even if you have the most fantasmagorical chair on planet earth, sitting for long periods of time can still be bad for your back. A standing desk provides the opportunity to alternate between sitting and standing.

If you also have lower back problems or a spinal issue, incorporating a standing desk into your daily routine can help you improve your back problems.

2. Improved Posture

Using a standing desk can help you improve your overall posture. When sitting down, people have a tendency to slouch or hunch over a laptop.

This is eliminated when you’re standing. It will improve your core strength and train you to adopt an overall better posture.

3. Controls Weight Gain

A study conducted by Mayo Clinic indicated that people who use standing desks are less likely to gain weight than people who remain seated for long periods of time as standing burns more calories than sitting

This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you like while standing and you’ll automatically be in good shape. Moderation is necessary to obtain the benefits of losing weight while using a standing desk.

4. Boosts Energy Levels

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to an energy slump in addition to inertia and fatigue.

By eliminating the monotony of sitting down with a standing desk, blood flow throughout your body is increased and the energy level raised making your more alert.

5. Can Save Your Life as a Freelancer

A freelancer or solopreneur pretty much sit all day as opposed to someone in a traditional environment who goes off to meetings, lunch, etc during the day.

If you’re a long-term freelancer or solopreneur, a standing desk can save your life. Lower back pain is not a joke at all.

How to Use a Standing Desk

Ease into It

Don’t go from sitting all day to standing all day. Alternate between the two movements. Sit for 45 – 60 minutes, stand for 45 – 60 60 minutes until your body gets used to the movements.

Don’t Stand All Day

Even after your body gets used to the movement, do not spend all day standing up. Too much standing is just as bad as too much sitting. Always alternate between standing and sitting throughout your workday.

Choose Electric Desks

Opt for electric sit to stand desks recommended below. Manually adjusting the height of a sit-stand desk every hour can get old real fast.

This can discourage you from standing as much as you should. An electric sit to stand desk allows you to change positions with minimal efforts.

Set a Reminder on Your Phone

If you’re the kind of person that loses all track of time while working, set a permanent reminder on your phone to remind you to switch every hour. 

How Long Should You Stand at a Standing Desk?

30 – 45 minutes every hour is a good estimate for how long you should be standing at a standing desk.

As I mentioned above, it’s important to strike a balance between sitting and standing to get the full benefits of using a standing desk. Sitting too long is just as bad as standing too long.

5 Best Standing Desks

Lorell Sit-to-Stand Electric Desk Riser

Lorell Sit-to-Stand Electric Desk Riser – White

Lorell Sit-to-Stand Electric Desk Riser Black

Lorell Sit-to-Stand Electric Desk Riser – Black

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter - Sit to Stand Power Riser

VIVO Electric Standing Desk Converter – Sit to Stand Power Riser

Alloyed Electric Standing Desk

Alloyseed Electric Standing Desk

Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter

Electric Standing Desk Alternatives – Less Than $100

As fantastic as a standing desk sounds, investing such a large amount of money in it might not be something you can afford in the beginning.

Enter, these superb electric standing desk alternatives that work just as well without the price tag.

I found these alternatives after some research and they are all multifunctional in addition to saving on space if you don’t live in a big apartment.

They are manual standing desks though and will need to be adjusted via screws and levers.

Mount-It! Wood Standing Desk, Ergonomic Height Adjustable

Mount-It! Wood Standing Desk, Ergonomic Height Adjustable

SONGMICS Bamboo Standing Computer Desk Monitor

SONGMICS Bamboo Standing Computer Desk Monitor

VIVO Black Single Top Height Adjustable Standing Desk

VIVO Black Single Top Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

Do you use a standing desk? What’s your feedback on it? Are you going to buy one after reading this? Share in the comments section. 

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