Cheap Web Hosting: Start Your Website On Siteground for Only $2.98!

If you’ve been thinking about changing your web host or launching your website but can’t pick the right web host, try Siteground for cheap web hosting just in time for Cyber Monday.

In this review, I will share why l love SiteGround for web hosting, the cheapest hosting for beginners, and how Siteground helps you grow along the way.

Cheap Web Hosting Start Your Website for Only $2.98 Today

I have been in cyberspace for a pretty long time so I’ve been around the gamut of web hosts.

I finally settled on SiteGround and BigScoots as the best and cheapest web hosting services (BigScoots review coming soon).

What is SiteGround Hosting?

SiteGround is a web hosting company that was launched in 2004 by a group of university students.

SiteGround is currently independently owned with over 400 employees and proudly hosts over 1,000,000 domains on their servers.

Why I Love SiteGround Web Hosting?

1. Worldwide Data Centers

SiteGround has data centers located around the world. Why is this important? The stability and speed of your website depending on the location.

You can choose the data center closest to your visitors so they have a much better experience when they visit your website.

For instance, if most of your visitors are from the US, you can choose a US data center. If most of your visitors are from the UK, you can choose a UK data center, etc, etc.

Choosing the data center closest to your visitors optimizes connectivity and experience.

2. Incredible Speed

No one likes a slow website. If it takes your website more than a few seconds to load, visitors will move on to another website.

I didn’t realize just how slow my websites were until I switched over some of them to SiteGround.

In addition to visitor satisfaction, it’s also important to Google that your website loads in optimal time.


3. Unbeatable Customer Support

I have been with some web hosts with customer support that made me want to jump out of my window in frustration.

My biggest website was once down for over 24 hours and none of the customer support staff I spoke to (I ran through 5) had a clue how to fix it.

In the end, I conducted some research and figured out how to fix it myself but the damage was done. I moved my site within a week.

It is imperative that you’re with a web host that can fix website issues with lightning speed and resolve any concerns you have. You get this and much more with SiteGround.

Their online support is only a click away in your dashboard and you will be attended to within a few minutes.

If you need something for your website, just ask and they will go out of their way to help you.

I contacted customer support for something a few months ago and while in the middle of that, he mentioned there was something else wrong I hadn’t noticed and he’d just fixed it.

Encountering proactive customer support was certainly a first for me when it comes to dealing with website hosts.

4. Free Website Migration Services

This is by far one of SiteGround’s best service. If you’re moving away from a web host, they will move your website over to their servers for free and in record time.

However, in recent times, they’ve launched an impressive plugin named SiteGround Migrator, which moves your website over to their servers with only a few clicks.

Even though doing this is super easy and convenient, if you still don’t want to deal with that, SiteGround customer support is more than happy to do it for you. 

5. Site Optimizer

In addition to the SiteGround Migrator I mentioned above, SiteGround also provides SG Optimizer, a plugin that links WordPress with SiteGround performance services.

Optimization services within this plugin include super cacher, HTTPS configuration, and PHP configuration.

6. No Monkey Business with Your Credit Card

I have been with web hosts that suddenly charge my card for mysterious things. I assume they hope you’re too busy to notice.

However, I’m not a gazillionaire so yeah, I notice every penny I didn’t spend, especially on a credit card.

When I dug, I ended up discovering it was for random things I never asked for. The charge was usually reversed after a lot of back and forth.

In one instance, it was so absurd, I had to file a claim with Paypal to get my money back.

Some web hosts are truly unscrupulous once they get their hands on your payment details.

I am yet to experience these mysterious charges with SiteGround. I am charged for the services I ordered and nothing more.

How to start your website on siteground

You can read more honest reviews about Sitegound on Outwit Trade HERE.

How Much is SiteGround?

SiteGround services usually start at $6.99/month but they are currently having a Cyber Monday sale with a $2.98/month offer.

This is a great money saver. I just bought the basic plan for a new website I plan to launch over the next few weeks and it came to only $35.76 for a year!

cheapest-way-to get-a-website-up- and-running

So how do you choose the plan that’s best for your website? I’ll break it down below. Siteground has three web hosting plans:-

Start-Up Plan

This is the basic plan for beginners to blogging and newbies. It’s also best if your website doesn’t have a lot of traffic yet.

This is the plan I purchased for the website above. It’s also a great way to test SiteGround without investing too much money. This plan comes with 10GB space.

GrowBig Plan

This plan is for mid-level websites that are starting to have larger amounts of daily traffic – up to 25k visitors/day.  GrowBig plan comes with 20GB space.

GoGeek Plan

This is the plan I have for my biggest website, which has a significant amount of daily traffic.

Depending on your niche, it will take some time to get to this level so I wouldn’t recommend this plan if you’re a fresher.

The GoGeek plan comes with 30GB space.


Whichever plan you choose, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan along the way to reflect your website’s needs.

Whatever plan you purchase will not affect the level of customer support and every website comes with a free SSL certificate you can install yourself with only a few clicks.

How Do I Sign Up With SiteGround?

Get started with your plan today with a massive savings of 75% HERE. This is a Cyber Monday offer that will expire by midnight so I’d get on it ASAP.

Cheapest way to get your website up and running in the new year. New year, new beginnings

How Do I Transfer My Domain to SiteGround?

Once you purchase your web hosting plan, you will receive the details for migrating your website with their migrator plugin.

If you don’t want to do that though, I’m sure they’ll be happy to do it for you at no extra cost.

Final Word

SiteGround really is one of the cheapest ways to host a website right now without compromising quality and since they’re offering hosting plans for 7% off today, it won’t hurt to give them a try.


Missed The Siteground Deal?

If you missed the Cyber Monday sale, not to worry. You can still start your website with SiteGround for as low as $6.99/month on any given day.

This is still a great bargain. Get started with the various cheap web hosting plans HERE.

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