The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Actionable Vision Board Kit + 10% Off

The feedback from Ignite Your Imagination launch has been tremendously awesome and I’m happy I went ahead with this project earlier this year.

I’ve recently added one more product to the shop. The new product focuses on the dynamics of creating a vision board and harnessing the law of attraction to manifest your goals.

I started creating vision boards in 2011 and over the years, they have helped me manifest my life goals for myself.

As recently as two months ago, I harnessed the law of attraction to manifest one of the goals on my 2019 vision board.

This isn’t magic, unfortunately. However, there is a process involved when it comes to making your vision board work in conjunction with the law of attraction.

It’s so easy to become drowned in the voluminous amount of information available about vision boards, which can lead to a loss in focus.

By trying to activate everything little thing you find, you end up not achieving anything beyond the aesthetics of creating a vision board.

In The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Actionable Vision Board Kit, I have compiled the very best techniques and processes for creating vision boards and using your internal and external resources to manifest the goals on your board.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Actionable Vision Board Kit will help you:-

  • Identify and narrow down your life goals so they’re not just thoughts floating in and out of your head
  • Create a vision board with a clear roadmap
  • Create an actionable plan around your vision board
  • Develop the mindset required to harness the law of attraction
  • Understand how internal and external energy works and why a balance is important for everything in life
  • Learn manifestation techniques that will continue to serve you long after you’ve created your first vision board
  • Breakthrough the barriers and limitations you have created in your own mind
  • Unlock your greatest source of power, which is located in the place very few people ever look

This is so much more than just a vision board kit. Whatever it is you have on your dream list — starting a business, getting a promotion at your job, going on a dream vacation, buying a house — a vision board can make it happen for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Actionable Vision Board Kit contains the following resources:-

1. The Power of Vision Boards (25+ pages)

An in-depth look into just how powerful vision boards, the reason why they work, how to create an actionable vision board, how to manifest your vision board goals and the importance of being your own cheerleader.

2. My Vision Board Journey: From Board to Manifestation (30+ Pages)

A chronicle of my vision board journey from 2011 – 2019, what inspired me to start creating vision boards, how I went from not knowing where I was going to realising I could harness my internal and external power to make things happen for me.

3. Exercises and Techniques That Harness the Law of Attraction (30+ Pages)

The most valuable and powerful resource in this kit that shows you the step by step process for harnessing the law of attraction and calling everything you want into your life.

You will be amazed at how quickly the universe starts to come through for you when you start practising these exercises and incorporating these techniques in your life.

4. Law of Attraction Affirmation Postcards Set

This set contains 22 very powerful law of attraction affirmation postcards that can be used in a variety of ways with the purpose of aiding all the activities contained in the resources above.

The affirmation postcards set also contains a bonus 10 blank visually stimulating cards, which you can customise any way you want. 

5.  365 Days Vision Board Planners & Worksheets

Yearly and month to month vision board planners to help you break down your vision board goals as recommended in the resources while the worksheets will be used in conjunction with the exercises and techniques for harnessing the law of attraction.   

6. Bonus – Surprise Freebie

This surprise freebie is an exclusive for the Ultimate Guide to Creating an Actionable Vision Board Kit customers. I promise you’ll love it.

If you’re ready to get started, you can grab access to the kit HERE. Use code TWE10 for 10% off the kit.

The time to get going with a plan is NOW!


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