Freebie Monday – 6 Free Design Tools for Small Business Owners

I think every solopreneur/freelancer out there, including me, likes free stuff where we can get it. Every Monday, going forward, I’m going to be sharing 6 totally free design tools of ridiculous value.

You can use these freebies on your website, to create designs for your social media channels or print graphics for your business and so much more. These freebies are courtesy of Creative Market.

6 Free Design Tools for Small Business Owners

What’s Creative Market?

Creative Market is an online marketplace that empowers creators around the world to make their ideas a reality.

Any creative person can open a store on Creative Market and start making a living selling their designs.

Creative Market sellers offer graphics, templates, themes, fonts, photos, add-ons, 3D materials and so much more. My fiction site runs on a theme from Creative Market.

The sellers on Creative Market are super nice and will help you with any form of support you need after purchase even if the item you downloaded is free.

Free Design Tools This Week

1. Magnolia Vertical PowerPoint

Free Magnolia Vertical PowerPoint

An elegant, fashionable & versatile vertical presentation template with a soft, minimalist aesthetic. 

The presentation template features 100+ unique slides, drag and drop photo functionality, editable charts & elements, A4 and US letter sizes, and multilingual free fonts among others.

See the full range of features available on the free Magnolia Vertical PowerPoint and download HERE.

2. Striped King Vintage Script

Free Striped King Vintage Script

Striped King is a modern, vintage-inspired font that looks great in a wide range of projects.

The vintage script is great for use in branding your projects, logo design, social function invitations, social media, product designs, stationery, and much more.

See the full range of features available on the free Striped King Vintage Script and download HERE.

3. Character Maker 1.0

Free Character Maker 1.0

This item gives you the opportunity to customize characters with over 2,000 combinations. Includes male and female characters, various skin tones, minimalist color and shape and available in PDF, EPS & AI.

See the full range of features available on the free Creative & Minimalistic Character Maker and download HERE.

4. Abstract Handcrafted Patterns

Free Abstract Handcrafted Patterns

Creative abstract handcrafted patterns. Includes 24 EPS & JPG files and 1 AI file. See the full range of features available on the free Abstract Handcrafted Patterns and download HERE.

5. Neon Text Layer File & Extras

Free Neon Text Layer File and Extras

Neon text layer file kit for poster and card design, social media images and sketches. Includes 14 different styles and various backgrounds in different sizes.

See the full range of features available on the free Neon Text Layer File & Extras and download HERE.

6. Pink Crisp

Free Pink Crisp Watercolor Collection

Watercolor collection is suitable for invitations, stationery, greeting cards, packaging, website design and so much more. The collection includes 56 files – 10 frames, 5 compositions & 41 individual elements

See the full range of features available on the free Pink Crisp Watercolor Collection and download HERE.

The files are usually free for a week until the next Monday when 6 free new files are available.

download free design tools for small business owners

If you don’t find anything you like in this week’s freebie list, keep an eye out for next week’s freebie list. However, there’s always something useful you’ll like. Enjoy!


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