Review of My 2017 Vision Board Goals – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It took me a while to get my vision board going in 2017 but after a much deserved holiday in Seychelles, I finally had some clarity and came up with where I wanted to go last year.

How a vision board helps me achieve my yearly goals

The journey was challenging, interesting, and sometimes upsetting but I kept going with my eye on the ball.

Below is a pic of my 2017 vision board for quick reference. So how did I do with my vision board in 2017?

How to Build a Vision Board

The Good of my Vision Board

Eat Right

As always, I endeavored to improve my eating habits by eating the kind of things that heal the body and promote the healthy functioning of the immune system.

Where possible, I tried to make use of meal planning.

Do What You Love

I did this by leaps and bounds, which has led to a jump in my income. I’m very excited to share part of what I’ve learned in the upcoming Passive Income Method Course.

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Get Bodied

Pass with a major plus. I’m in the best shape of my life and hope it only gets better in 2018. Beachbody programs have played a great role in this as I like focused and fast workout programs so I can get it in and go about the rest of my day. 

Read More

I read more than I did in 2016 but not as much as I would have liked. Hope to improve this in 2018 by setting a personal reading challenge.

Less Technology

I became so good at this, I started forgetting my phone and/or charger everywhere. I have no regrets. Disengaging from technology once in a while is a good thing and I will continue to do this.

Love Letters

I left a few of those on post-its across my apartment and recited some of them to myself while meditating every night.


I had a great time doing this every evening just before falling asleep. The last thought in my head every night is something related to my meditation process. Makes for quite a peaceful sleep.

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The Bad of my Vision Board

Grow My Money

I had a few investment ideas in mind. None of them saw the light of day. Though upsetting, it was a good decision and I’m working on changing that in 2018.

This is linked to one of my goals for 2018, which I will be unveiling shortly.

Learn Another Language

I started learning Arabic but then binge-watched Narcos mid-year and enjoyed Spanish cursing so much, I decided to learn Spanish instead. I can’t speak Spanish yet but I can curse quite nicely in Spanish. :p

[Tweet “”People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going., — Earl Nightingale”]

The Ugly of My Vision Board

Diversify Income

In an effort to diversify my income, I went into a partnership that didn’t turn out as expected. I, unwittingly, landed myself in a professional environment that was toxic and borderline abusive.

That, or I’ve been out of the corporate mindset for so long that I no longer have any tolerance for all the BS.

Either way, I lost part of myself around mid-September and only started reconnecting towards the end of 2017 once I extracted myself from the situation.

The lesson has been learned and I will be doing much better in 2018 when it comes to diversifying my income. 

7 out of 10 sounds good to me. I tried to really push myself beyond my comfort zone in 2017 and I’m happy with the results.

I am secure and confident in my achievements and hope to aim even higher in 2018. I will be revealing my 2018 vision board shortly.

I have been using vision boards to manifest my life plan for myself since 2011 with great results. For more on vision boards, visit the Be Inspired Series.

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