2012 Vision Board

I did something a little different in 2012. In addition to my regular vision board, I also created a long term vision board with things that remain constant in my life.

My word of the year, well phrase, is “laugh lots, live and love forever.”

2012 vision board

My 2012 Vision Board


Things went well but I still got derailed twice by unexpected spending. I kept my eye on the goal though.

This was also the year I read The Total Money Makeover and my money management style changed completely.


A good year for giving back :)! I was able to donate more money than I did in 2011 but didn’t get to volunteer much. I made it to a few walkathons and some charity drives. I also learned CPR just in case.


I didn’t get very far that year. I made it to only one country this year. 2012 was also the year things started to go south for me at work and the life force began draining out of me.

Finish My Book

It didn’t happen again. I shelved “Tapestry” halfway through the year because I developed some sort of block.

Instead, I turned my attention to a book of short stories about relationships entitled, “For Better, For Worse” instead.

It started as just one short story to get my brain functioning again but it sort of kept going. I finished the book of short stories but I’m yet to edit it. I’m working on that currently.

Be a Girly Girl

You’re probably wondering why anyone would have such a silly thing on a vision board but here was my fashion life prior to that – jeans, t-shirts, trouser suits, flats, and 1 dress.

I forced myself to try and be more of a girl. I got more dresses in my closet, heels (ye gods), went for some makeovers and even started wearing eyeshadow, which ended up blinding me half the time but by God, I became more of a girl!

New Body

I’m not overweight but I’ve believed in a fit and healthy body for as long as I can remember. I’ve been involved in sports activities since childhood as a result.

Unfortunately, my unadmirable eating habits late 2011 had added some pounds to my mid-section.

I worked hard on this until August that year when I pulled a muscle in my back on the job and that was it for the year.


I considered taking this off the list but I’m so stubborn. When I sink my teeth into something, I don’t let it go till I’ve achieved it. It didn’t happen in 2012 but it’s still on my list.


This was one of the future achievements on my long term goals board but I decided to take a chance and apply. I was delighted when I was accepted into the program.

2012 was much better than 2011. I focused and aligned myself more with people on the same journey as me.

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