Forget New Year Resolutions. Create a Vision Board Instead!

New year resolutions are great but let’s face it, hardly anyone sticks to them. Neither did I until I started using vision boards instead.

I have been able to pay off all my debt, travel, follow my dreams and much more with the aid of vision boards over the years.

I started utilizing vision boards in 2011 to ignite my imagination and live my best life and it has been an immense success. More on my vision boards over the years HERE.

Setting Measurable and Effective Goals Every Year with a Vision Board

The word of the year is “Focus 2.0”, an upgrade from last year. I have some big plans and targets for this year and in order to get there, I need to keep my eyes laser-focused on the ball.

I’m making my goals smarter, managing my time more effectively, and keeping timelines more productive.

Setting Measurable and Effective Goals Every Year with a Vision Board

2016 vision board, follow your dreams

Energy, Balance & Love My Beautiful

In 2015, I carried out a lot of research about energy and balancing energy in my life. The more I looked into this, the more I discovered energy is everything.

Everything leads back to energy. I began an experiment in May 2015 and started to eliminate all the bad energy and the things causing emotional, physical, and mental imbalance out of my life.

I began surrounding myself with only positive things and people. By the end of the year, I could feel this powerful light shining within me and radiating outwards, drawing in all the positive things I needed. In 2016, I aim to pursue this even more.


I put a pause on my fitness activities towards the end of last year to sort out some health issues then got a bit lazy by December and decided to enjoy the holidays and get back to it this year.

I have a few fitness icons but Pilar Sanders and Jennifer Lopez stand out because they are both ladies in their 40s kicking ass.

I’m starting off this year with Focus T25 but also plan to take up tennis and/or boxing along the way if my finances allow it.


Last year was a learning process as I struggled to find the balance between making money and writing. This year, I am following the system I implemented towards the end of last year.

I hope to get more clients for my business and grow it to a level where I can hire a few people on a permanent basis.


Getting all the books I have in the pipeline out into the market, looking for an agent/publisher for 2 of those books, and growing my other websites where I write on. I also hope to write for more websites in order to raise my profile online.

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The charity took a back seat last year when my finances became a bit tight. I hope to relaunch it this year and help more people through it.

Health & Wellness

Last year saw a few deficient vitamins in me so I really want to make an effort to make sure I eat all the right things this year even the ones I don’t like.

This was very important considering the kind of intense exercises I plan to engage in. I will also be meditating a lot and doing some spiritual cleansing.


Still trying to figure this one out but above all things, self-love comes first.


I would like to retire before 50 so I need to pay more attention to my retirement funds this year and optimize what’s going where.

New Car

I’ve been driving my old faithful for over 7 years and I think it’s coming close to its last legs. Hopefully, I get to replace it with my dream car this year.


As always, I make allocations to go somewhere new every year. You can see where I have scheduled for this year on my travel bucket list.

Interesting in the process of creating your own vision board, check out Create an Actionable Vision Board Kit, which includes everything you need to create and stay on track with a vision board.

My experience from 2011 with vision boards inspired me greatly while putting this together. Check it out HERE. Use code vision20 for 20% off!

Have you created your vision board for the year? Share a pic in the comments section. If you have any questions about vision boards, let me know in the comments section.

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