What Does the Right Place, Right Time & Your Destiny Have in Common?

The Internet has been ablaze the last few weeks over the story of Olajumoke Orisaguna, a Nigerian bread seller who photobombed a shoot for Tinnie Tempah and ended up with a modeling contract.

I must admit the first time I saw the picture below, I thought, “Oh that’s a very pretty model. I wonder what the concept behind putting her in the picture is.”

How Photobombing Changed A Life Forever

I was stunned when I realized the lady wasn’t a model at all but a bread seller. She just happened to walk by the shoot at that moment. I kept looking at the picture and wondering why the lady wasn’t a model.

The Nigerian photographer responsible for the shoot, TY Bello, apparently thought along the same lines and went searching for the woman.

At the end of her search, Olajumoke and her story were introduced to the world.

Olajumoke’s story is indeed incredible. A hairstylist by trade, she left her husband and 5-year-old son at home and moved to Lagos with her 14-month-old daughter in search of greener pastures. She subsequently began working in a bakery as a bread seller.

What are the chances of her being in that place at that time? Of all the days she’s been selling bread? Just that day, she stumbled into that moment.

She could have been homesick. She could have been goofing off instead. She could have gone shopping instead but because she went about her life plan that day, she stumbled upon her moment.

Take a moment to really think about the statement above.

nigerian breadseller becomes a model

This story right here tells us a few things; top of the list being that no matter where you go and how you go about things, even when it’s not going according to plan, your destiny will find you.

It might take longer than you want or in a different form than you expected but your destiny will find you.

I’m not talking about some random stuff predetermined before you were born. I’m talking about your energy, your vibes, what you send out into the world, what you want for yourself, how you follow the path towards what you believe you deserve.

All these things right here is what will attract your destiny into your life and position you in the right place at the right moment.

It’s not some random crap. The law of attraction is real and energy is everything. Whatever you want for yourself, make a plan for it, follow it, surround yourself with good energy, send out good energy and watch the obstacles in your life fall away.

nigerian breadseller becomes a model

nigerian breadseller becomes a model

As of this post, she has been signed on to a modelling agency and her story has been featured on several media outlets all over the world. I wish Olajumoke the best of luck in her new journey! Start your own journey today!

All pictures from TY Bello’s Instagram. You can view more pictures of Olajumoke there as well.

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