What is a Good Side Hustle?

In this post, I’ll be covering the best side hustles you can start right now, which also includes a great offer to get you brainstorming if you don’t like any of the side hustle ideas.

This is the continuation of the previous post – When is the Best Time to Start a Side Hustle?

That post covered the benefits of starting a side hustle in the current climate and what to consider before starting one.

When I say side hustle, I’m not talking about things that require a significant amount of time for a few dollars a month. 

It will take you forever to generate viable income at that rate especially if you need income ASAP.

The best thing about the side hustles I will suggest in this post is you don’t need a lot of capital to get going.

12 side hustle ideas you can get into at home

12 Most Profitable Side Hustles You Can Get Started on Today

1. Start an Online Business

Perhaps you haven’t lost your job but your hours have been reduced, which affects your pay. You can use the extra time to start an online business.

Even if your job isn’t affected, nothing is a sure thing in this life and I encourage you to look at the option of creating multiple streams of income.


2. Open an Etsy Store 

Got creative skills? Open an Etsy store. I have seen the ingenuity of many people during this quarantine period.

A friend playing around with a sewing machine as a way to pass the time during quarantine now sells makeup and coin purses on Etsy.

Another friend sells protective face masks embroidered with native art on Etsy

It’s not that difficult to set up on Etsy, list your products, and start selling. You can sell anything on Etsy as long as it is handmade and/or vintage.

Get started with some research and putting together ideas of what kind of skills you have that could be packaged for a platform like Etsy HERE

3. Become a Proofreader

Got a little bit of grammar police in you? This is a perfect side hustle for you. Proofreaders pick up spelling, grammar, formatting, etc errors in articles, guides, books, and more.

You can start by selling your proofreading services on Fiverr and then branch out to approaching small businesses.

General Proofreading: Theory and Practice is a highly recommended resource for learning how to start a proofreading career as a side hustle from anywhere. Check it out HERE

Is Proofread Anywhere Worth It

4. Set Up Shop on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online gig platform for freelancers across thousands of fields. You can sell anything on Fiverr.

The name Fiverr comes from being able to post any gig for $5. However, most gigs include extras, which is where the income possibility starts getting interesting.

Fiverr is a great place to start selling any of your skills. It’s very easy to create an account and list your services on Fiverr.

You can start to gain visibility by inviting your friends and acquaintances to invest in your gigs if they need it.

You can also set up multiple gigs for multiple skills. Get started with Fiverr for free HERE.

Fiverr Secrets: Become a Fiverr Top Rated Seller Today might be a good resource to get you started with Fiverr.

5. Get Paid to Answer Questions Online

You can get paid to answer questions online if you are a qualified professional. Your credentials are checked and verified before you are admitted.

Once approved, you can answer related questions and get paid. Areas of expertise include appraisals, cars, computers, finance, home improvement, and much more.

Apply to become an expert on JustAnswer HERE. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link for “Become an Expert”

6. Create a Gig on 99Designs

99designs is an online platform where you can sell your graphic design or any design skills. I had my first logo from back in the day designed on this platform.

How it works – clients looking for something will post the design brief for freelancers to work on.

If the client likes your design and picks it, you will then get paid. You can also be hired for 1 on 1 projects instead of competing for a gig.

When you join, your work is evaluated and you are rated as an entry-level, mid-level, or top-level designer.

You can see more about how 99designs works and how you can open a freelance account HERE.


7. Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Virtual assistants are in the business of taking small tasks out of the hands of busy people so they can focus on their main business.

All the tasks and communications are conducted online. Examples of virtual assistant duties include research, data entry, email management, calendar management, etc.

Some highly rated and excellent resources to help you get started on becoming a virtual assistant include:-

If you want to build a blog to start displaying your services and generate interest, a good resource is the Blogging Basics Blueprint: How to Start and Grow a Money-Making Blog HERE

8. Deliver Food

A significant number of people are at home now and still want to do takeouts now and then.

If you have a car and time during the day, later in the day, or weekends, you might as well jump on this while you can. The food delivery services you can join include:-

Some of these apps may not be available in all countries. You can also carry out further research to find food delivery apps specific to your area.


9. Deliver Groceries & Small Items

This is the same as above except you deliver groceries and small items. There are some apps where you also do the grocery shopping. 

10. Instruct People Online

With more time at home, more people are looking to brush up on old skills and pick up new skills.

If you have a unique skill that people are always interested in learning about, you can create video content around this subject and sell access to view the content on places like Udemy.

You can also create a website and sell these courses and cut out the middleman. However, this involves a lot more work before you start seeing the rewards.

If you’re short on time and funds, start with selling them on Udemy. You can record these videos on your laptop in good lighting.

Learn more about selling video courses on Udemy HERE.

11. Teach English Online

I normally wouldn’t include this because the criteria for teaching English online were very strict.

However, in the time of quarantine, the increase in online teaching has relaxed the entry bar a little bit.

That doesn’t mean the quality is compromised though. If you have a BA in English or Literature minimum from a native English-speaking country, you can make this happen. Some may also require a certificate like TESOL.

Online teachers make around $22 – $25/hour. Online teaching websites include:-

12 best and most profitable side hustles right now

12. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Time and a good car on your hands? You can provide driver services through Uber or Lyft.

You can manage your availability and turn it off if you don’t feel like driving.

While the demand has gone down due to most people staying indoors, you can still get gigs. Essential workers are still going out.

I still used an Uber last week from the grocery store because the bags were just too heavy to walk home with.

It’s not a huge amount of money but it’s good and people tend to tip. I know I always tip 15 – 20% based on the service.


Profitable Side Hustles Summary

This is a super long post. In case you got lost somewhere in there, here’s a summary of the side hustles I recommended above:-

You’re already at home. Why not use the time to expand your skillsets into new markets and create a sustainable income for yourself?

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