Take Control of Your Financial Independence

Achieving financial independence is something most people aspire to but so many people living from paycheck to paycheck believe this isn’t possible.

I have heard the myth about 6 figure annual incomes being the only way to live a comfortable life or dig yourself out of considerable debt.

A high or low-paying job doesn’t mean anything if you have no idea how to manage money, reign in your spending habits, invest and ignore the Joneses.

This seems simple enough but it can be a monumental task for a lot of people.

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Take Control of Your Financial Independence

How to Take Control of Your Financial Independence

How Can I Achieve Financial Independence?

A lot of information on The Writer Entrepreneur focuses on self-empowerment, igniting your imagination, and living your best life.

There’s a reason for that. In order to achieve financial independence, you need to empower yourself with the right tools and resources.

You need to make a plan. And you need to stick to that plan.

You also need to work your way out of debt and ensure you never travel that road again in order to become and stay financially independent.

How Do You Stay Financially Stable?

There is no mystery here. The only way to stay financially stable is to spend less money than you make.

Making sure that your expenses do not outweigh your income is the only way to stay financially stable.

As for financial independence, a little extra mile to keep your expenses as low as possible while making and investing as much money as you can.

I do not make millions and I actively work less than 9 months a year but I live a very comfortable, rich, and happy life.

You know why and how? I live a minimalist life with basic expenses and I keep up with my own life and no one else’s.

However, this is a process that took me a lot of planning, determination, and forming lifelong habits. It does not come naturally to most people.

Take Control of Your Financial Independence Bundle

I recently launched Ignite Your Imagination store where the flagship product addresses how to pay off debt in a fun way and take control of your financial independence.

It also addresses how to motivate yourself and achieve your goals on your way to financial independence.

Take Control of Your Financial Independence in 2019

Take Control of your Financial Independence Bundle benefits include:-

  • Complete money mastery
  • Organizing your finances like a pro
  • Over 30 ways to earn money between jobs and while working a full-time job without working yourself into exhaustion for minimal pay
  • How to make your money last longer and get a bigger bang for your buck
  • How to pull yourself out of financial distress ASAP

It’s the same tools and methods I used to pay off over $40,000 in debt before I ventured into solopreneur territory in 2015. The bundle contains the following resources:-

1. The Simple Road to Riches

The Simple Road to Riches updated

My journey to becoming debt-free started in 2010 when I made a determination to stand up to debt finally.

At the beginning of that year, I had exactly $900 in savings and was over $40,000 in debt. By 2014, I was debt-free and getting ready to start my own business.

Peep some of the reviews for The Simple Road to Riches below:-

“Great book, very informative and has us on our way to paying off our debt and saving money,” – Tanis.

“This is a brilliant how to publication. There is a lifetime of experience and work crammed into a small book with an economy of words…I like that. What stands out for me is the conversational style of writing — the author is sharing her passage. Explanations of the whys and wherefores in years of research and its results flow well. This book is well thought out and held more than few surprises…” – Barbara

2. Successful Strategies for Negotiating the Pay Raise You Want

Successful Strategies for Negotiating the Pay Raise You Want by Anna Fani

By incorporating the strategies I share in this e-book, I was able to get a consistent pay raise of 15 – 20% every year in addition to more benefits and perks.

3. 120 Plus Ways to Save Over $5,000 Every Year

120 Plus Ways to Save Thousands Instantly & Long Term

I’ve been using the tips in this e-book to save over $5,000 every year since 2011. Now that I’m debt-free, I continue to use these tips to save even more money every year, which goes towards my life plan and retirement planning. 

I regularly update the e-book as well so whenever there’s an update added, you will be notified to download it if you’re a customer. 


4. Pay Off Debt Action Plan & Budgeting Basics

Pay Off Debt Action Plan & Budgeting Basics

This action plan and budgeting basics binder will help you learn how to make $5 do the work meant for $20.

You will be able to get a hold of your spending, extend the spending ability of every dollar and increase your savings exponentially, all while paying off debt.

5.  The Easiest and Fastest Way to Save for Anything

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Save for Anything

Saving for something can be a real task for a lot of people. The ability to keep your hands off your money is not something that comes naturally. It’s a habit that has to be formed. 

This resource will show you the easiest and fastest way to save for anything by easing you into it gently via baby steps. 

6. 10 Inspirational and Motivational Wall Art Posters

10 Inspirational and Motivational Wall Art Posters

These gorgeous posters can be printed and mounted at any place in your office or home where you can look at them every day and be motivated to stay the course on any journey.

The files are high resolution and can be framed or used as backgrounds on phones.

7. Bonus – Motivational Daily Goals Planner ($50 Value)

Every day should start with a mission. The 2021 planner comes with a page for every day of the year supported with motivational statements that will inspire you to do something special every day. 

9. Bonus – Ignite Your Imagination Community ($100 Value)

Ignite your imagination community

A free community for customers of Ignite Your Imagination to share, learn and help one another on the road to financial independence, igniting their imagination, and living their best lives.

10. Bonus – Surprise Freebie ($25 Value)

Exclusive Surprise Freebie

This surprise freebie is exclusive for Take Control of Your Financial Independence Bundle customers. I promise you’ll love it.

Are you ready to take control of your financial independence? Learn more about the bundle and how to invest in your financial future HERE.


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