4 Time Saving Social Media Scheduling Tools for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

4 Time Saving Social Media Scheduling Tools for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

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Automated social media scheduling is one of the best things that ever happened to marketers. I use these social media scheduling tools in my business for good reason. With so many social media channels times the websites I manage, it’s easy to spend all my time updating and maintaining social media channels and that’s just for the big 5 – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. 

As a solopreneur who does almost everything in her business, time is something that’s precious to me and I have very little of it to waste. It’s also important to maximize my effectiveness in the time I do have, which isn’t much when you take out 8 – 10 hours of sleeping (yes, I’m a sleeper) and life stuff like eating, grocery shopping, laundry, social activities, etc.

4 Time Saving Social Media Scheduling Tools for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

7 Advantages of Social Media Scheduling Tools

  1. The most obvious reason is to save time. Just set it and forget it is awesomeness personified. 
  2. Social media scheduling tools are efficient when managing multiple social media accounts. You can connect all your social media accounts under one tool and manage it more effectively. 
  3. Scheduling as far in advance as you want. You can easily create an overview of all your activities with your editorial calendar and manage accordingly. 
  4. Scheduling tools enable you to monitor how your posts are doing with audience engagement so you can improve your account performance. While you can get this on the dashboard of each social media account, it’s easier to see it all in one place with your scheduling tools. 
  5. Social media scheduling tools allow you to be consistent. If you try to manually manage accounts, it’s easy to get buried under something else and completely forget to post on a schedule. This is removed with scheduling and automated posting. 
  6. You can respond to comments and delete inappropriate comments faster with a social media scheduling tool. When you log on, you can see all the information in one place and act accordingly. 
  7. When you upload and schedule posts at the same time, you’re able to maintain uniformity in content across all platforms so your brand is easily recognized. 

Social media management tools are a lifesaver and can reduce the amount of time you spend mucking about on social media significantly. You don’t need to bug yourself down with researching which ones you require either – this is another great way to waste your time by the way. I have outlined the best four below with an in-depth breakdown: 

4 Time Saving Social Media Scheduling Tools for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

1. Boardbooster

I utilize 3 social media channels the most in my business and one of them is Pinterest, which is where Boardbooster comes in. Pinterest is a very powerful traffic generation social media channel when used correctly. I started paying more attention to Pinterest towards the end of 2018 and my traffic has increased by over 100% compared to the same time last year. That’s how powerful this scheduling tool is.

The interface is simple without any frills but that’s not why you’re on the platform. It’s easy to use and offers 6 features – campaigns, scheduler, looping, pin mover, pin doctor and group manager.

Boardbooster tools help you schedule a set amount of pins per day for all of your boards and takes away all the work of manual pinning and repinning.

You can also join Tribes, where you can upload your pins for members to share. You are also expected to share member pins as well, which Boardbooster does for you automatically. The pin doctor also analyses your pins and identifies any issues you need to fix.

Free Trial with Boardbooster

You can post up to 100 pins for free. Afterward, the service is $5 minimum per month. See more about Boardbooster and start your free trial with Boardbooster.

2. Tailwind

Tailwind is similar to Boardbooster but has a few unique features. Tailwind design is also more visually appealing than Boardbooster. With Tailwind, you can create time slots for as many pins as you want, upload them and Tailwind will do the posting for you. If you’re not sure what time slots are best, Tailwind will analyze your account and suggest the best time slots.

Tailwind also has a very nice dashboard that provides you with stats on what’s going on with your Pinterest account and suggestions on how to improve your account. You can also join up to 5 related tribes where you can submit your pins and repin members content.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

One of the best things about Tailwind is you can also include your Instagram account and schedule posts. Tailwind sends you a notification to post once the time slot chosen comes up. Recently, if you connect your Facebook account, they can post directly to Instagram for you without the need for notifications.

Another awesome feature of Tailwind is the browser extension that lets you schedule any interesting pins you comes across on the Internet with just one click.

Free Trial with Tailwind

Tailwind offers a free trial period where you can post up to 100 pins and 30 images on Instagram for free then it will be $14.99/month afterward, which is worth every penny. You can also pay for the year and save some money. Start your free trial with Tailwind. Tailwind also shares a helpful inforgraphic of typical results expected HERE.

What is the Difference Between Boardbooster and Tailwind?

So what is the difference between Boardbooster and Tailwind and how do you choose which one to use? I use both of them because they serve different purposes and complement each other quite well.

With Tailwind and Boardbooster, I spend 2 – 3 days in a month scheduling all my pins and Instagram posts for the month. If Pinterest is a large part of your digital marketing strategy, you definitely want to take a look at these two scheduling tools. 

How Powerful is Pinterest for Marketing?

Check out screenshots of one of my Pinterest accounts. The first one is from Sept 2017 and the second one is from April 2018, which is less than 10 days in. Can you see the humongous jump in traffic? This was after I started paying much more attention to using Tailwind and Boardbooster.

Pinterest - Sept 2017

Pinterest - April 2018

3. Hootsuite

I use Hootsuite for client projects especially when it involves Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can include Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and WordPress as well. There is an app directory where you can find applications that will allow you to integrate other social media channels. You can also use Tailwind with Hootsuite if you have a Tailwind account. However, I haven’t tried this.

Hoostuite measures your social media ROI and provides in-depth analytics if you have a paid account and basic analytics with the free account.

Free Trial with Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a free plan for up to 3 social media accounts and you can schedule up to 30 posts in advance, which isn’t a lot. Additional accounts and posts will require an upgrade to a pro account, team, business or enterprise account starting from $19/month. Start your free trial with Hootsuite.

4. Buffer

Buffer is similar to Hootsuite and they both have overlapping features. Buffer also has an interactive platform, Pablo, that allows you to create visuals right from your dashboard. Buffer paid accounts start from $10/month. Learn more and start your free trial.

Free Trail with Buffer

What is the Difference Between Hootsuite and Buffer?

The tools Buffer provide for their free trial are more than the ones provided by Hootsuite. However, in the overall picture, Hootsuite provides better analytics. They both have a lot of similar features such as URL shortening, automation, and integrations. Whichever one you choose depends on your needs.

Most people combine the two platforms to get the best out of their social media automation strategy. They both have free trials you can use to test out their features before you decide so it’s a win-win situation for you either way.

When used effectively, social media can play a huge part in the success of your business. I haven’t taken into account the time you will spend on creatives for these scheduling tools, which should also be factored in.

I create most of my posts using Canva or PicMonkey but when I have a lot on my plate, I hire someone on Fiverr for this purpose. It’s quick, budget-friendly and effective. See more about hiring someone on Fiverr. I will do a future post where I will recommend the best sellers I’ve worked with on Fiverr for logos and creatives. 

fiverr pro

There are other social media scheduling tools but these are the ones I found the most time effective. Signing up for legions of social media scheduling tools is another great way to waste time and bury yourself in research, which isn’t actually working.

Do you have a favorite social media scheduling tool that isn’t on the list and you think is more effective? Please let me know in the comments section and I’ll take a look at it and update the list if it makes the cut.

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