Vision Boards

I have been using vision boards to manifest my life plan for myself since 2011. They have been an invaluable tool in keeping me focused while motivating me over the years.

I upload my vision board at the beginning of every year then do a review of what happened and what didn’t happen at the end of the year. 

I have arranged my vision boards by year below. Each image will take you to a breakdown of that board and a bigger image.

I have also included my long-term goals and financial vision board. I don’t do those every year and created them specifically for my debt-free journey.

You can click each one to see the results and find out more about getting started and keeping track of your own vision board.

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Vision Board Examples

2011 Vision Board Goals

2011 vision board

2012 Vision Board Goals

2012 vision board

2013 Vision Board Goals

2013 vision board

2014 Vision Board Goals

2014 vision board

2015 Vision Board Goals

create your own vision board

2016 Vision Board Goals

2016 vision board, follow your dreams

2016 was an extraordinary year for me and I am so happy for finally choosing to let go of all the things depriving me of energy and love myself first. It was a complete game changer. Definitely don’t miss this one!

2017 Vision Board Goals

How to Build a Vision Board

2018 Vision Board Goals

2018 vision board reveal and law of attraction

Long Term Vision Board Goals

Long Term Goals Vision Board

Financial Vision Board Goals

financial vision board

2019 Vision Board

I moved to Canada in 2019 so it was a very chaotic year for me and so many unexpected things happened but I do not regret the choice I made to move and was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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