How to Save Money, Eat Real Food and Look Better with Meal Planning

Learn how to save money and get into better shape when you incorporate meal planning into your lifestyle.

There’s a tendency for people to believe that healthy eating is synonymous with expensive but that’s not the case at all.

With a little bit of creative meal planning, you can have a fantastic menu full of healthy options every week, and at budget-friendly prices too.

What is Meal Planning?

Meal Planning is the process of preparing your menu for a few days, weeks, or even months in advance.

This involves listing the ingredients, shopping for them in the right quantities, and storing them in readiness for your dishes.

When it comes to meal planning, you usually have to shop only once or twice a month depending on how far in advance you’re planning your meals.

What Are the Benefits of Meal Planning?

1. Save Money

With carefully planned out meals in advance, you’re able to scale your budget and save more money on bulk purchases.

When you go to the grocery store without a list, you’re more likely to spend more money.

Meal planning teaches you how to stretch a tight budget and work within certain constraints. This was one of the best lessons I learned during the recession when I was out of a job and broke.

save money with meal planning

2. Eat Real Food

Meal planning enables you to eat healthier and more nutritional meals. Your guesswork is taken out when your meals are planned.

You’re less likely to eat something unhealthy because you’re too lazy to figure out something better to eat. Meal planning includes all aspects of the food groups needed for a nutrient-dense diet.

3. Meal Planning Save Time

Meal planning is time-saving. Buying items, cooking, and storing in bulk saves you a lot of time compared to grocery shopping and cooking every day or several times a week.

You have the opportunity to cook in bulk and freeze for future meals. 

4. Meal Planning Helps you Lose Weight

Meal planning can help you lose weight.

By planning for and eating healthy and filling meals and snacks, you will begin to see a shift towards achieving your weight goals within a few weeks of implementation.

how to lose weight with meal planning

Meal plans targeted for weight loss contain satisfying and filling foods. The reason most weight loss plans go awry is that you reach for unhealthy things because they’re fast.

You can avoid this trap by meal prepping in advance. 

How Do I Get Started with Meal Planning?

If you don’t know how to meal plan properly because you can’t figure out enough variety without getting bored or you simply don’t have the time to put a proper plan together, meal planning is the way to go:-

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If you want to give it meal planning a go on your own, start with a meal planner like the one HERE then have a look at the following websites for some meal planning ideas:-

Meal planning saves you money and time, provides variety, and if you’re a picky eater like me, stress from trying to figure out what to eat three times a day, every day.

Once you have a system in place, it’s easy for meal planning to become a part of your weekly dynamic.

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, adding meal planning to your life is a no-brainer.

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  1. I’ve always had meal planning somewhere at the back of my mind but it looked expensive and time consuming. This post makes it clearer what it’s about. I think I might give this a trial next month. Thanks.


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