The Complete Guide to Making Money with Sponsored Blog Posts

When done right, sponsored blog posts can be a steady stream of income for your blog. I wasn’t comfortable with it initially because I thought my audience wouldn’t like it.

However, once I learned the ropes and dos and don’ts of accepting sponsored posts on a blog, I developed a plan around it and made it work for my websites. 

This article breaks down the following information about sponsored posts:-

  • What classifies as a sponsored post
  • How much to charge for a sponsored blog post
  • How to find sponsored blog post opportunities
  • Sponsored post examples
  • Disclosure rules surrounding sponsored posts
  • Tips for getting the most out of sponsored blog opportunities
The Complete Guide to Making Money with Sponsored Blog Posts

What is a Sponsored Blog Post?

A sponsored blog post is an article written about a brand/product and posted on your website in exchange for payment. A sponsored blog post can be written by you or the brand.

In some cases, you can sample the product or service before you write the article and in other cases, the brand will create the article themselves and send it to you.

A sponsored blog post will usually contain links to find out more about the brand/product/service and make a purchase if interested.

Sponsored Blog Posts Examples

A sponsored blog post isn’t very different from your regular posts. Fuel it with the passion with which you create your usual posts and you should be fine.

Below are examples of some sponsored blog posts across several niches for your reference:

Sponsored Blog Posts Rates

How much you should charge for sponsored blog posts is a debate that is as long as the day with rates varying wildly.

I would say your rate depends on how much value you can bring to the table, your social media following, and your blog reach in search engines.

If your blog is new and not very popular yet, set your rates low. When I started out on one of my blogs in 2012, I charged $50 for a sponsored blog post.

I charge a lot more than that nowadays depending on whether the brand will write the post or I’m writing the post.

Additional materials to complete the sponsored blog post will also factor into the cost. A good starting rate is $150 – $200 then go up from there.

Don’t be afraid to charge that much or more but be open to reasonable negotiation. Your sponsored blog post will generate a lot of money for the brand and it will be on your website forever.

5 Ways to Get Sponsored Posts Opportunities for Your Blog

1. Create a Media Kit

This doesn’t have to cost a boatload of money or take forever.

Your media kit will outline everything about your blog, your audience, your mission, your social media reach, and your rates.

You don’t have to hire someone to do it for you either. You can find free customizable templates on Canva.

create image templates with Canva

2. Join Networks That Connects Brands

Create accounts with networks that connect brands with bloggers. You will usually need to connect your social media networks as well as your Google Analytics account. Sign up for as many of them as you can. A few of such networks include:

3. Join Blogging Networks

Blogging networks are a great way to network and collaborate with other bloggers in addition to sponsored post opportunities.

There are many networks depending on your location. I’m a member of SheKnows Media/BlogHer for instance.

4. Social Media

Look through social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for current trends when it comes to sponsored blog posts and working with brands. You may be able to connect with brands via this avenue.

5. Connect Directly

Connect directly with businesses and ask them if they are interested in a sponsored blog post. Look for local brands with products that are related to your blog’s niche.

Prove the value you can provide with facts and figures and they will be happy to enter into a partnership with you. This is the most profitable way to earn money via sponsored blog posts.

A later post will discuss the best ways to pitch brands directly. Connecting with brands directly is also one of the best ways for non-US bloggers to tap into sponsored blog post opportunities.

5 ways to get sponsored post opportunities for your blog

Sponsored Blog Posts Disclosure

You should always disclose a blog post is sponsored. This is very important for your credibility as well as under FTC’s guidelines (if you reside in the US).

Usually, a sponsored blog post is obvious to a reader anyway but you should still have a disclosure mentioned at the top or bottom of the article.

10 Best Tips for Sponsored Blog Posts

  1. It’s always about your audience. They come first. Make sure the brand you’re working with is a good fit for your blog. That’s a no-brainer but I have been offered a lot of money to blog about something completely irrelevant to my audience. Obviously, this was about building links than providing value.
  2. Give honest feedback and recommendations to your audience. Don’t become a shill for money.
  3. The article shouldn’t contain a lot of links. 2 – 3 links is ok but anything more than that is a bit of an overkill.
  4. Ensure your contact details and media kit are easily accessible to anyone trying to find more information about working with you.
  5. If you approach a brand directly, include several sponsored post ideas in your pitch.
  6. Use great stock images for your sponsored blog posts. If the brand doesn’t provide images, invest in relevant stock images.
  7. Ensure you have been paid fully or partially before you upload the post.
  8. Be professional throughout the process. Once the payment is received and the topic finalized, create and upload the post in a timely fashion.
  9. Reserve the right to edit posts for clarity, SEO purposes, etc and you shouldn’t work with a brand that won’t let you do this.
  10. This bears repeating. It’s ok to say no to a brand. You don’t have to grab every opportunity that comes your way. Quality over quantity is more important.

Final Word on Sponsored Blog Posts

The more sponsored blog posts you write, the better you’ll get at it. Sponsored blog posts can be a lucrative source of income for your blog and just one of the ways to generate multiple streams of income for yourself.

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